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"Skinny Dip going Swimmingly"
Latest news on the BN Great British Skinny Dip initiative [ Here ]
Updated: 09 September 2017

Great British Skinny Dip
September is British Naturism's Great British Skinny Dip (GBSD). For whats on and more information please visit the website at
Created: 01 Sep 2017

Council reject Arthur Hill bid
Reading Council rejected the bid by the community interest group to reopen the Arthur Hill pool claiming lack of financial sustainability [ Here ]
Updated: 11 April 2017

Arthur Hill Decision Due
Reading Council will consider proposals for the Arthur Hill on 10 April according to the Reading Chronical (note the last but one paragraph!) [ Here ]
Updated: 24 March 2017

The continuing fight
Arthur Hill pool campaigners 'on course for success' - report in the Reading Post [ Here ]
Updated: 31 January 2017
Relocation to new venue
As from 6th January 2017, we will be meeting on a Friday evening from 8:45pm at the Meadway Centre.
Created: 16 Dec 2016

BBC Local Report
The BBC followed up its coverage of the pool with a piece about the group on the BBC South Live page [ Here ]
Updated: 20 Dec 2016

BBC Reports
Arthur Hill closes its doors for the last time [ Here ]
Updated: 18 Dec 2016

Chronicle Article
The local paper reports our plight [ Here ]
Updated: 06 Dec 2016

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