Reading Naturist Group - Website Cookie Policy

The RNG website does not store cookies on your computer at present. This is subject to change. If the club does change this policy, this page will be updated and members of the club will be informed.

This RNG website uses Statcounter in order to collect data on site usage. This enables RNG to monitor how many visits to the site we receive per month, how the website was found (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) and which pages on the site the users look at. This is useful to ensure the website is being used as we intended. Statcounter DOES put a cookie on your PC in order to establish if this is a first visit or a returning visit and similar information. No personally identifiable information is gathered by Statcounter. Statcounter also maintains a strict "no-spam" policy. Statcounter does not use cookies for marketing purposes.

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This site will still function normally if you have cookies disabled on your browser.